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Phone number

021 4044 0125
+98 919 27 27 940




No.46, 5th Floor, North Ayrik Center, East Ferdows Blvd. Tehran, Iran


Logo Design

Termoza is a company that specializes in making sanitary baths that cater to the comfort and well-being of their customers. Their products are designed to help users relax and enjoy a serene moment in their busy lives. Termoza uses swans as their symbol, as they represent love, purity, and transformation. Swans also have different meanings based on their color, such as grace, loyalty, and harmony. Termoza believes that swans are lucky and peaceful animals that reflect their values and vision.

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40440125 021
2727940 0919


Airic Center, East Ferdous Blvd, TEHRAN-IRAN